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  • Skin Barrier : Chemistry of Skin Delivery Systems  by Johann Wiechers, PhD
  • Cosmetics :- Formulation, Manufacturing & Quality Control – 4th Latest  ed by P.P.Sharma
  • Standardization of Botanicals : Testing and Extraction Methods of Medicinal Herbs – 2 Volumes Set by Dr Rajpal
  • A CGMP Laboratory Audit System: A Practical Guide (With CD ROM) by Bliesner
  • The Herbs of Ayurveda – 4 Volumes Set  by Ashok Seth (Seth Bros. Bhavnagar)
  • United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) – Latest Ed. by USP
  • British Pharmacopoeia – 4 Volumes CD ROM Latest Ed. by BP
  • European Pharmacopoeia - Latest Ed. by EP
  • Aromatic Plants  by B.P. Skaria
  • Medicinal Plants  by Alice Kurian
  • Spices by Nybe
  • Food Flavorings : Composition, Manufacture and Use by Merory
  • Food Flavors and Chemistry : Advances of the New Millenium by Spanier
  • Food Additives : Toxicology, Regulation and Properties by Clydesdale
  • Food Flavorings – 3rd Ed by Ashurst
  • Sensory Directed Flavor Analysis
  • Flavor Creation by JohnWright
  • Flavorings : Production, Coposition, Applications, regulations – 2nd Ed by Ziegler
  • The Science of Cookie and Cracker Production by Faridi
  • The Chemistry of Novel Foods by Spanier
  • Successful Flavors : From Formulation to QC to Application and Beyond by Gerard Mosciano
  • Food Flavors : Biology and Chemistry by Fisher
  • The Dictionary of Flavors : And General Guide for those training in the art and Science of Flavor Chemistry by De Rovira
  • Flavour of Distilled Beverages : origin and Development by Piggott
  • Source Book of Flavors – 2nd Ed by Reineccius
  • Food Preservatives – 2nd Ed. (Indian Reprint) by Russell
  • Fruit Processing : Nutrition , Products and Quality Management – 2nd Ed. by Ashurst
  • Plant Food Flavors by Mehtani
  • Food by Booth
  • Techniques for Analyzing Food Aroma by Ray Marsili
  • Process and Reaction Flavors  Recent Developments by Weerasinghe
  • ICE CREAM and Frozen Deserts : A Commercial Guide to Production and marketing by Stogo
  • Flavour Science and Technology by Martens
  • Catalysts : Concepts and Green Applications by Rothenberg
  • Solvents and Solvent Effects in Organic Chemistry – 3rd Updated Ed. by Reichardt
  • Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds – 6th Ed (Wiley Student ED.) by Silverstein
  • The Chemistry of Process Development in Fine Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry – 2nd ed. by Someswara Rao
  • Vogel’s Textbook of Quantitative Chemical analysis – 6th Ed. by Vogel
  • Vogel’s Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry – 5th Ed.  by Vogel
  • Organic Chemistry – 2 Vols Set by IL Finar
  • Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook – 8th ed. by Green
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More Books

  • Chemistry in the Garden by Hanson
  • The Chemistry of Essential Oils : An Introduction to Aromatherapists, Beauticians , Retailers and Students by David Williams
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils : The complete Guide to the use of Oils in Aroma therapy and Herbalism by Julia Lawless
  • Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants  with 2 supplements by Chopra
  • Complete Aromatherapy Handbook : Essential Oils for Radiant Health by Fisher Rizzi
  • Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops  by Farooqi
  • Essential Oils 1995 – 2007 (3 Volumes) by Dr. Brian Lawrence
  • Botanicals : A Phytocosmetic Desk Reference by D’Amelio
  • Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy by Julia Lawless
  • Plant Drug Analysis : A Thin Layer Chromatography Atlas by Wagner
  • The Complete Illustrated Guide to Ayurveda : The Ancient Indian Healing Tradition by Gopi Warrier
  • Cosmetics : Science and Technology – 2nd Ed .. (Special Indian Reprint Price.) by Balsam , Sagarin
  • Cosmetics Additives : An Industrial Guide by Flick
  • Shahnaz Hussain’s Beauty Book by Shahnaz Hussain
  • Useful Cosmetic Herbs for Skin Care, Hair Care, Beauty Care and Toiletries by INMC
  • The complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy by Julia Lawless
  • Detergent Analysis : A HandBook of Cost effective Quality Control by Mildwisky
  • Cosmetic Nanotechnology : Polymers and Colloids in Cosmetics by Sarah Morgan
  • Household Cleaning, Care and Maintenance Products : Chemistry Application, Ecology and Consumer Safety by Wagner
  • The Encyclopedia of Ultraviolet Filters by Nadim Saath
  • Cosmetic Raw material Analysis and Quality by IFSCC
  • Regulatory Roadmap for Herbal Medicines by Sudesh Kumar
  • QS -9000 Implementation and Registration by Naroola
  • Methods for Cutaneous Investigation by Rietschel
  • Natural Cosmetic Recipes : A Guide for Preparation & Use of Natural Cosmetics for Self Beautycare by INMC
  • Indian Medicinal Plants : A Compedium of 500 Species by Arya Vaidya Shala
  • Natural Ingredients in Cosmetics – 2 vols set by Grievson
  • Cosmetics Formulations, Technology and Project Estimations – 8 Vols set by INMC
  • Natural Products : Their Chemistry and Biological Significance by Mann
  • Laws relating to Drugs and Cosmetics Act,  – 19th Ed. 2008 by Vijay Mallik
  • Bioprocess Production in Flavor, Fragrance and color Ingredients by Gabelman
  • GMP for Botanicals  : Regulatory and Quality Issues on Phytomedicines by Pulok Mukherjee
  • Antiaging : Physiology to Formulation by C & T
  • The Antimicrobial / Biological Activity of Essential Oils  by Dr. Brian Lawrence
  • Asian Botanicals by Evelyn Su
  • Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry – 2nd Ed. by Randy Schueller
  • Biotechnology in Cosmetics : Concepts and Techniques by C & T
  • The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics  - 3 Volumes (4 Book ) Set by Schlossman
  • Cosmeceuticals  : Active Skin Treatment by C & T
  • Formulating for Sun by C & T by Ray Marsili
  • Hair Care : From Physiology to Formulation by C & T
  • Identification of Essential Oils Components by Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry – 4th Ed by Robert Adams
  • Naturals and Organics in Cosmetics : From R & D to the marketplace by C & T
  • Oils of Nature by Anthony O'Lenick
  • Organic Chemistry for Cosmetic Chemists by Anthony O'Lenick
  • Patent Peace of Mind by Louis C. Paul
  • Personal Care Formulas by C & T
  • Preservatives for Cosmetics by Steinberg
  • Silicones for Personal Care – 2nd Ed. by Anthony O'Lenick
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More Books

Books on Fragrances

  • The Formulation and Preparation of Cosmetics, Fragrances and Flavors by Louis Appell
  • Speciality Aroma Chemicals in Flavors and Fragrances by Dr.Shaikh
  • The Chemistry and Technology of Flavors and Fragrances by David Rowe
  • Perfumery : Techniques in Evolution by Arcadi Boix
  • Fragrance Application : A Survival Guide by Stephen Herman
  • The Chemistry of Fragrances : From Perfumer to Consumer – 2nd ED by Charles Sell
  • Perfumes of Yesterday by David Williams
  • Advances in Flavours and Fragrances from the sensation to the synthesis by Karl Swift
  • Perfumery Technology : Art, Science, Industry – 2nd Revised Ed. by Wells Billot
  • Agarbathi (Incense Sticks ) manufacture made simple by Kashinath Patwardhan
  • Perfumery and Flavoring Synthetics – 3rd Ed. by Bedoukian
  • An Introduction to Perfumery – 2nd Ed. by David Williams
  • Poucher’s Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps – 10th Ed by Hilda Butler
  • Perfumery : The Psychology and Biology of Fragrance by Toller & Dodd
  • Flavours and Fragrances : Chemistry, Bioprocessing and Sustainability by Berger
  • Terpenes : Flavors, Fragrances, Pharmaca,Pheromones by Breitmaier
  • Fragrance for Personal Care, by C & T
  • Fragrances and Flavors : Recent Developments by Torrey
  • Common Fragrance and Flavor Materials : Preparation, Properties and Uses – 5th Completely Revised Ed. by Surburg (Symrise)
  • Perfumes, Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics – 2 Vols Set by Bhatia
  • Perfume and Flavor materials of Natural Origin & Aroma Chemicals – 3 Vols Set by Arctander
  • Handbook of Perfumes and Flavors by Olindo secondini
  • Perfumey : Practice and Principles by Calkin, Jellinek
  • Flavor, Fragrance and Odor Analysis by Ray Marsili
  • Modern Technology of Perfumes, Flavors and Essential Oils by NIIR
  • Fragrances and Flavors : A journey of Discovery by Sudhir Jain (Gupta & co.)
  • Fragrance Oils and Extracts by Dr. Brian Lawrence
  • Official Analytical Methods of the American Spice Trade Association – 4th Ed. by ASTA
  • Allured’s Flavor and Fragrance materials 2008 : A Worldwide List of Materials for Compounding Fragrances & Flavors alongwith Sources of Supply (Print and Online ) by Allured
  • The Chemistry of Fragrances by Pybus, Sell
  • The Perfumer & Flavorist 25 Years CDROM (1975-2000), by P & F
  • Understanding Fragrance Chemistry by Charles Sell
  • Lavender The Genus Lavandula by Lis Balchin
  • Peppermint Oil by Dr. Brian Lawrence
  • Turmeric : The Genus Curcuma (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – Industrial Profiles) by Ravindran
  • The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil   by Fife
  • Centre for Flavor Education Vanilla - 1st International Congress
  • Neem-The Divine Tree  Azadirachta Indica by Puri
  • Eucalyptus : The Genus Eucalyptus by Coppen
  • Aromatherapy Workbook : A Complete Guide to understanding and using Essential Oils by Shirley Price
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Books on Fragrances

Special Priced Books

  • Kinetics & Catalysts in Micro Heterogeneous Systems: Surfactants Science Series:Vol.no.38:1991 by Gratzel
  • Solubilization in Surfactant Aggregates – Surfactants Science Series : Vol.no.55:1995 by Christian
  • Detergents in the Environment - Surfactants Science Series : Vol.no.65:1997 by Schuwger
  • Cationic Surfactants : Analytical and Biological Evaluation Surfactants Science Series : Vol.no.53:1994 by Cross
  • Interfacial Phenomena in Biological Systems - Surfactants Science Series : Vol.no.39:1991 by Bender
  • Process Modelling Control in Chemical Engineering (1989) by Najim
  • Organic Synthesis Vol. 61 (1983) by Stevens
  • Making Light Work by Murray
  • Immune Modulating Agents (1998) by Kresina
  • Chemical Structural and Electronic Analysis of Heterogeneous Suspension Nanometer (1997) by Rosei
  • Ceramic Powder Preparation : A handbook by Ganguli
  • Protective Coatings and thin Films : Synthesis, Characterization and Applications 1997 by Pauleau
  • Analysis of Hazardous Substances in Air Vol 1, Vol 2
  • The Nutrition Foundation : A Monograph : Biochemistry of Taste and olfaction 1981 by Cagan
  • FluorescenceAnalysis in Foods 1989 by Munde
  • How to Assure Quality in Plastics 1995 by Keating
  • Miracle Medicine Herbs (1991) by Lucas
  • Handbook of Aroma (1978) by Forschung
  • Introduction to Aroma Research (1988) by Rothe
  • Capillary Electrphoresis of Small Molecules and Ions (1993) by Tandik
  • Competition and Concentration : The economics of the Carbonated Soft Drink Industry (1991) by Tollison
  • Organic Synthesis : Reaction Guide by Liotta
  • Yoga for Health by Shekhar
  • The Infectious Diseases manual – 2nd Ed. (2003) by Wilks
  • Scientific Farm Animal Production : An Intro to Animal Science – 7th Ed. by Taylor
  • Fenaroli’s Handbook of Flavor ingredients 2 Vol. Set by Burdock
  • India Pharma Reference Guide 2003 by Komposh
  • The Soft Drink Bottlers Handbook
  • Fragrances of the world 2000 by Edwards
  • Common Natural Ingredients used in Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics by Leung
  • The Complete Aquarium
  • Perfume Kit, Devereaux
  • Cosmetics Additives : An Industrial Guide by Flick
  • Food Analysis : Theory and Practice by Pomeranz
  • Total Synthesis of Natural Products Vol 7 by Apsimon
  • Perfumery : Psychology and Biology of Fragrances by Toller & Dodd
  • Encyclopedia of Terpenoids – 2 Vol set by Glasby
  • Cosmetics Bench Reference : An Encyclopedia of Cosmetic Materials 1994 by CBR
  • Dictionary of Flavors by Roviera
  • Chemical reactor Design in Practice by Rose
  • Pharmaceutical Formulas
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